Wilton massive.

Well yesterday was full of high hopes of ticking a few classic Wilton problems. Only problem was most of it was wet...
Robin had put up a few problems last year that I've not had a chance to check out yet, so the plan was to have a look at those, and possible Snakey B which is still on the list.
GCW was up for that plan, so I met him at around 1pm. As he was sat in his car as I arrived, I guessed that conditions may not be great! As I expected, Gareth had had a scout round the Wiltons to find that almost all of the problems were wet.
Still, the Graveyard overhang in Wilton 1 almost always stays dry, so we decided to have a play on there as there were a couple of things I've not done and wanted to check out.
Conditions were actually pretty good, being baltic and dry on the overhang, and we warmed up on a traversey warm up thing, which I found remarkably pumpy for what it was.
After warming up, we had a go at a couple of the eliminate problems. G-man managed to crush the low start to 5.2%abv (6b) with consummate ease, and also did Beer Belly (6b) quickly.
I really like this area, and the problems are good - I did 5.2%abv aka shouldercrusher which I've done before, and then did Beer Belly standing start after about 3 false starts and surprised myself by doing it so quickly. I definitely feel fitter and lighter than the same time last year and have a feeling that this year will see some crushing if I get out enough...
The beer belly move out right is a really satisfying semi-dynoey move on which you can't help but let your feet cut loose. Nice.
Then G decided to flail for some considerable amount of time on 'The Move' (7a) which mainly consists of, erm, one move.
Although he was definitely looking strong on it, catching the hold almost every time, he seemed not to get perfect timing, so unfortunately didn't crush. Get to it though G, you've all but done it!
Then our attention was turned to the Graveyard slab where G crushed the Graveyard arete sans anything but the arete, (6a my arse) and some pointless dyno thing. I eventually managed the Graveyard slap (5+/6a) although by this time CrushCam had ran out of tape...
If I get time I'll post a video of the little we did for your perusal...