Holy Island Swim-run 2017

I never liked Cross country when I was a kid. We had to run a course that followed a stream around the part of town the school was located in, sandwiched between a couple of estates that I wouldn't have walked around, let alone run. For some reason, we did most of this alone. I'm sure there were teachers on the route, but I don't remember many. And I think I would have remembered Mr. Bannister bellowing from the sidelines. I'm sure this wouldn't be allowed nowadays and I hated it. Not to the extent that I would skive off, but I remember something particularly unpleasant about trudging through flooded and muddy paths in the winter. I used to play a lot of football and cricket, so I wasn't averse to exercise generally, but if there wasn't a ball to kick or catch, the interest wasn't there. Roll on 25 years. I'm standing at South Stack, Anglesey, with my sister-in-law. It's chilly in the late september air and there's a bree

Anybody out there?

Heyo! Anyone out there still? OK, maybe not... So not a great deal has happened this year, mostly due to having had our third sprog arrive earlier this year which has kinda put pay to much in the way of serious climbing... Just starting to regain a bit of psyche though and hopes are good for the winter. Which means training needs to start right now! In September was the brilliant WiltonFest organised by keen locals and the BMC - Tim Greenhalgh bein instrumental in making stuff happen. Unfortunately even Tim couldn't fix the weather, and it couldn't have been much worse... the rain started around 9am and didn't stop all day. As I was charged with making a film of the day for the BMC, it meant I had to deal with some challenging circumstances, mostly related to how to keep the cameras dry and fog free. Almost impossible, Anyway, here was the result: a great day all in all, in spite of the difficult weather. Here's to next year being better!

Resurrection - 2016

Here's the final film on my Vimeo page - also hosted on BMC TV: Many Thanks to BMC TV and CRUSHER HOLDS and all the people that made this film possible. Resurrection - Wilton 4 from Rick Ginns on Vimeo .