Friday, 7 October 2016

Anybody out there?

Heyo! Anyone out there still?
OK, maybe not...

So not a great deal has happened this year, mostly due to having had our third sprog arrive earlier this year which has kinda put pay to much in the way of serious climbing...
Just starting to regain a bit of psyche though and hopes are good for the winter.
Which means training needs to start right now!

In September was the brilliant WiltonFest organised by keen locals and the BMC - Tim Greenhalgh bein instrumental in making stuff happen.
Unfortunately even Tim couldn't fix the weather, and it couldn't have been much worse... the rain started around 9am and didn't stop all day.
As I was charged with making a film of the day for the BMC, it meant I had to deal with some challenging circumstances, mostly related to how to keep the cameras dry and fog free.
Almost impossible,
Anyway, here was the result: a great day all in all, in spite of the difficult weather.
Here's to next year being better!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Resurrection - 2016

Here's the final film on my Vimeo page - also hosted on BMC TV:

Many Thanks to BMC TV and CRUSHER HOLDS and all the people that made this film possible.

Resurrection - Wilton 4 from Rick Ginns on Vimeo.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

The Wilton 4 film - resurrection

Here's the trailer for a film I've been working on recently:

Bolton, Lancashire.
Wilton 4 quarry - the little sister of the WIlton family, has been overlooked for years...
Resurrection tells the story of the efforts of local climbers to turn Wilton 4 into a popular crag once again.
Filmed in 2015, the film follows local climbers as they rediscover the short, sharp test pieces buried under the moss and earth and also features interviews with the pioneers who first climbed the routes.
Produced for the Darwen Mountain Film Festival 2016 - out in January.

Trailer for Resurrection - Wilton 4 from Rick Ginns on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Max and Jemima

Last weekend I met up with a friend Max and his daughter Jemima to film them climbing for the project I'm currently working on.
I will use some footage in this film, but I also put together a short edit for Max which you can see below.

You can't help but smile at this short film, there was a good atmosphere in the quarry that day, even if the weather was decidedly foggy.

Wednesday, 29 April 2015

New route - Human Wave 6B (E1 6a)

Last week I finally managed to climb a project I've had in mind for a while in Wilton 4.
Les Ainsworth had cleared the top ledge and done a great job of making this route possible.
I had only been on it for a short half hour the previous weekend, and then I was working away so I was keen to get back on it on my return.
As I was working in Serbia it meant a 4am start and 2 flights before getting back around lunchtime. Robin was still keen for Wilton 4 so I met him and Tim there around 2pm although I was knackered and didn't expect to get anything done.
Soon after trying it I managed to sort out the sequence for the start , so I knew I needed to go for it.
The top holds needed another brush as it had rained since the weekend, so I rigged up a rope and took the worst of the soil off the top and ensured the holds were relatively free of earth.
Disappointingly the top hold was still damp, and I think the route may suffer from wash off unless the top consolidates, but I was still keen to give it a go.
I had initially thought I would try it on a rope first but decided in the end to do it ground up, hence the sketchy top out. The top isn't hard, it's just at a worrying height.
It's at that ambiguous height between highball bouldering and short trad, but there's no gear, so I would expect most people to approach it with a highball head on.
It's the arete left of Cutty Sark (HVS - Cutty Sark takes the corner to the right and moves leftward to join Human Wave in the top groove.)
It's a quality line, so I hope it gets some attention. Currently clean so get to it!

Human Wave 6B - Wilton 4 from Rick Ginns on Vimeo.

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Satisfying sloper

Not newsworthy in the slightest but this problem has eluded me for some time... Satisfying Sloper Problem 6B - Brownstones Lancashire


Thursday, 12 February 2015

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Darwen Film Festival

So most of January's spare time was spent editing the film for the Darwen Mountain Film Festival. I've learnt a lot from this process, not only through the editing phase but also when filming, how to frame things, composure, that sort of thing and I can tell the difference between some of the shots I took a while ago with those done recently!
The film night was great, with some really interesting talks and films shown, and I reckon with a bit of advertising it could be a much bigger event next year - Fantastic stuff and good effort to Nick for organising.
On top of this, I've been overwhelmed with the support for the film and the positive comments I've had! It is currently the feature video on UKC, so it's nice that a bigger audience have a view on what bouldering is like in Lancashire,  great stuff!

Anyway, just a short post this - here is my submission:

Lancashire SIXES
A seasons worth of bouldering in Lancashire.
A selection of some of the best problems in the sixth grade filmed in 2014, mainly in the South Lancashire quarries. Originally conceived and produced for the Darwen Mountain Film Festival 2014. Guide to all the problems at

Lancashire SIXES - Bouldering in Lancashire. from Rick Ginns on Vimeo.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014: a summary

2014 has definitely been mixed and can be summed up as follows: crap start, ok middle, good ending.

The first couple of months weren't too bad, although getting out was difficult, but I managed to meet Nick and Paul at the Roaches, went to Wrights Rocks in the Churnet and then Font in March.

March, April and May were spent mostly injured from spraining my wrist on the visit to Font, so no climbing. Life stuff involved organising the restoration of furniture from my Grandfather-in-law's house after he died, with some nice results. He'd be pleased.
Easter saw a visit to Torridon with the family, one of my favourite places on earth. managed some limited climbing as I was still recovering from the wrist injury.

June consisted mostly of lunchtime stamina sessions at Brownstones, my birthday, Great North Swim (2 miles in 1 hour 16 mins), general swimming in the docks,
July saw more swimming, this time in Salford Docks (1 mile in 33 mins 42), visits to Serbia, the Lancashire Bolt Debate, started to go running. Local quarry hits.

August: First Ascent of Anhedonia, 6B boulder problem at Stronstrey.
Start cleaning up at Wilton 4, clean most routes on Sanction walls. Brimham trip with the family.
Start training consistently.

In September I finally did Snakey B 6C+. Very pleased as it had been on the list for a long time.
More cleaning and digging at Wilton 4,  Craig Y Longridge, Germany visit.
Hell's Bells gets repeated by Dave and Robin, Go to Stony Edge with the newly pubished Lancashire Bouldering Guide. Running.

October: First 7A at Jumbles, visits to Cadshaw, Anglezarke - another 7A, Wiltons, Brownstones. etc.Another trip to Germany, boulder in Frankenjura. Cold.
November: Another trip to Fontainebleau, hampered by weather, but make a nice film about Mushrooms,.. Do Pigswill Sitter 7A

December: mostly trips to Wiltons, a flooded Brownstones, Do another 2 7As, Snakey B Original and Purpe Feel.

What a year. Climbing wise, I feel fitter than I ever have, but all that has done is open up a door into the possible, I definitely think and believe I can climb a lot harder than I do if I just have the application and dedication.
The target for 2014 was 7A. This was acheived in October, and since then I've done a further 5, so I feel justified in saying that I am starting to get established at this level. I'm so pleased to finally do something that has been on my list for some time.

So what of 2015?

Keep staying off the booze, improve my diet, run more. 60Kg

The usual, like getting on the board with more consistency, continuing the fingerboarding, press up / pull up sessions, ab ripper x, running but try and have set weekly targets, i.e. 2 x pull up sessions, 2 x cardio etc. so that I have the flexibility to build them in to my normal routine.

I'd also like to up my game on the swimming - 5k windemere, the 1 mile in under 30 minutes, and something else. Also a duathlon somewhere.

The big one: 7B.
Complete the route wishlist.
Hell's Bells
Boulder out some more highball short trad routes >E3
Finish off a decent pro looking climbing film

Let's see what can be done.