Denham crushing hattrick

Today was a good day. Not only because it was sunny, but because I've finally made progress on the ticklist. It seems my tactic of adding a couple of easys to the list has paid off, as these are now in the bank - good problems too!

I sailed up the M61 after work, leaving this time a little later at 9 minutes past 5. I'd convinced John to head to Denham as I had plenty of stuff to do and also fancied some roping. I got there at about 5:39 and John and Danny were up at the other end on Main break having already done a couple of routes.
I noticed straight away that the huge pile of rubbish mentioned here had disappeared - it looks like Chorley council took note. I showed John and Dan the bouldering and we traversed for a bit before John decided to lead a route, so I wandered off to the splash area for the first objective, the Arete. The problem itself is straightforward, but the situation is great, as you are precariously poised over the pond, which adds a bit of spice. It's got a couple of really good moves, very enjoyable. After having a rope of Johns lead it was time to stop procrastinating and tackle Pickpocket wall, another on the ticklist.
Number 2
The first move felt surprisingly easy, and I surprised myself a bit as I didn't feel warmed up yet. I managed to get the good right hand crimp and then stand up in the good RH foothold. I find this move a lot easier to sort my feet out before getting the undercut hold which probably looks a bit awkward, but for me feels better. Anyway, I was then at a bit of a loss as to what to do, so I rather pointlessly dropped off. Anyway, this happened a couple of times before I realised I actually have to stand up on the left foothold. hmm.
For some reason it wasn't very inviting to stand up on the left, and admittedly I was being a bit gay as I didn't really trust it. Daft really. Conditions were a lot better than last time I was here! I was also trying to use one of the trio of rubbish crimps, fairly needlessly it turns out.
At around half 7 GCW turned up after having crushed Brian Jacques using a completely different sequence to Robin. This seemed to be a turning point, or maybe it was Gareths abuse/encouragement (" just need to stop being a poooof!"). However this does actually seem to work as I generally crush after this genre of encouragement! I gave it another go and shebang! stood up on the left, and nailed it. YYFY! It's an awesome problem and climbs really nicely.
Number 3
Well I had to burn them all off, especially as the final one was easier than Pickpocket. The thing about this one was that I didn't fancy the fall as it was pretty high. After a bit of faffing about on the start, it went too. Unfortunately I didn't catch any of tonights successes on camera - although I guess that gives me an excuse to go back and climb them again for the camera. although here's a link of someone much better than I am on the same problem... (00:43...).

3 down, 14 to go!