May already! Feeling less injured.

Blimey it's been a while since I've updated the blog... here goes.
So since getting on G's board a couple of times I was inspired to start training properly, and managed to get on the board three or four times a week for a while, even if only for short sessions.
I've had good sessions outdoors here and there, met up with a good friend Nick at the Roaches on a dry/damp day earlier in the year, and been rained off a few times... then snatched sessions where time and opportunity allowed. I managed to get to Wright's rocks in the Churnet on a cold (and wet!) day, - (I need to get back here), and then got to Font at the beginning of March, where things started to go pear shaped.
I decided to head to the Elephant, weather was great, warmed up at the rh side and fancied a look at Lepreux. After a play on the 6a to the right, I got on the problem, the hardest move for me is getting off the ground to the slopey crimp, but anyway, trying to move off this, I popped something in my left wrist which was excruciatingly painful.
Game over. Ligament tear.
I waited about an hour to see if it would abate, but the pain was still as bad as just after I'd done it and had started throbbing.
The drive back was pretty uncomfortable, and I've not fully weighted it yet,  a full 8 weeks later.
As it happens, a recent bereavement meant a fair amount of time has recently been spent dealing with that anyway, so at least being injured has meant I've been able to do that. 

At Easter I went up to Torridon with the family for a week with some friends. We took the boat on the loch and chainsawed a fair few Rhododendrons (The devil's own plant) and had the biggest bonfire known to man.
I also got a pass out to head up to the Celtic jumble having put the mat in the car, and never having been to the place. I was really impressed, there is tons of bouldering of all grades, definitely need to come here again - I think it's going to become a firm fixture when we come up here in the future...
I got up a 6a, but the wrist is still protesting... poor really.