Reeth to Catterick Bridge

We left Grinton Lodge in the morning and walked down the road, suitably refreshed after a few hours of unconsciousness. We were treated to fantastic views across the valleys.
We made our way back to Fremington and rejoined the route following the Swale, we soon came to Marrick Priory after walking through sheep inhabited fields and barns, although we didn't make a detour. It seems to be an outdoor centre now, with a dozen willing idiots in helmets and lifejackets walking gleefully towards the river. They had picked a good day,  fairly sunny and still no rain.
At this point we were overtaken by a rabble of about a hundred geriatric ramblers so we let them pass and waited, leaning on the fence.
We then went through the gate and diagonally left up the grassy hill to a set of 375 steps through a wood and then a couple of fields and the hamlet of Marrick. Leaving here we were soon crossing fields of cows, a total contrast to the Lakes, tame by comparison. Field, wall, field, wall, field, wall. The path was fairly indistinct, but easily navigable.

Next, Ellers beck, with a teeny footbridge to cross - notable a house is here, with no access whatsoever, yet not in ruins. Fantastic.
Past Hollin's farm, then wall, field, wall etc.. until we reached the road and a steep descent into Marske along a pleasantly wooded, quiet road.
We stopped on the bench here for a bite to eat (Dad), and some water (me).At the post Office (no longer a PO), we turned out of Marske.
Then after a few minutes we came to Clapgate Beck, across fields from Marske and descended to a bridge and up the other side past an electricity pylon.
Here we reached a good Cart track and walked just beneath Applegarth Scar towards West Applegarth, then Low Applegarth, then East Applegarth... you get the picture.

We followed this easy walking to Willances leap (anticlimax) where some fella came off his horse and subsequently gave a cup to the town of Richmond.
After this, we plodded along with great views of Richmond in the valley and down into the town through West Fields. We stopped at a pub garden for a pint, whence Dad fell asleep, but before our legs stiffened up carried on through the town and out of Richmond across the bridge.
Out of Richmond, and still following the Swale, we followed a path through the wood and to a road where we saw a procession of classic cars drive by (proper old ones too, 1920s etc). we meandered through to Colburn, and the no-longer-open Hildyard arms. The next few miles were pretty uninspiring and punctuated by more fields, hedges and farm paths. The monstrosity that is the A1 was passed with some confusion, and we shortly thereafter enterred Caterick Bridge, our next stopover.