G-Board of POWER

Last night I headed over into deepest darkest Lancashire for an inaugural visit to the board of POWER recently constructed by GCW .
Firstly I was pretty impressed by the general build quality. This is built to last and has proper joist hangers and everything! He's even finished the corners with profile dowels. Nice attention to detail...
Anyway, the angle is about 33 degrees and it was nice to get on someone elses board - there are a few more resin holds than I have (I think I need to get some more), but a nice mix between crimps, pockets, pinches etc.
It was a good session, interspersed with Christmas cake and coffee. Can't go wrong. Awesome hospitality...
I'm feeling it this morning, which tells me I've not been on my board enough.
The grades almost exclusively settled on about 6b+. Awesome.
There are also bolts to hang a Bachar ladder off. This should be an easy one for me to make and install and would add a good training tool I think
It's got me all psyched to finish off sorting the garage out properly. Now that I've cleared most of it, I need to start making it a nice place to be in and train...
Things to think about.
He also gave me some trad gear that he no longer has a use for, which was great. should set me right for getting back in the game this summer. Thanks G!

On a separate note, in a re-edit of some old footage, I appear as the token punter in some re-edit's G has done of various climbing footage:
Yorkshire Lanks Part 4 - Brimham Rocks from GCW on Vimeo.
Yorkshire Lanks Part 3 - Widdop from GCW on Vimeo.


  1. I've got a really hard project, and when that gets done we may see 6c+.


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