Week 3 and Wilton 1

Ok, so Week 3 was pretty average, only managed two sessions on the board, the second of which was cut a little short as I managed to tweak my left middle finger slipping off a sidepull. Moral of the story is don`t assemble a table saw inbetween sets, especially if it has a freshly oiled blade.
Or rather dry your hands and chalk up before getting back on the board.
Ah well, you live and learn.
It didn`t turn out too bad in the event, and in the morning it was just normal post session finger ache, but it could have gone the other way I guess.

The week was topped off on the Saturday by a visit to Wilton 1 as Taffa fancied getting a rope on. Weather was pretty good, bit chilly but not too bad, and the  aim of the day was to get something done. Clearly a pretty low aim, but as we had 3 kids in tow and the better halves we could quite easily have come away empty handed...
Whilst the kids looked fruitlessly for wimberrys (geddit?) we headed straight for the prow, and there was already a party on the outside face we snuck round to the inside face.
Now the roping game hasn`t been part of my climbing arsenal for a while and although I`m keen to get back in the game I was happy to let Taffa take the lead. His psyche was greater and he was fired up. I`ve never had an issue with being the second man anyways. So I pointed him at Flywalk, actually a great VS with quite a bouldery start. Bearing in mind he`s not been climbing for a whileit was a good lead. We then went to the other end of the quarry and climbed 999, a classic HS, always good value although for such a good route, it was really dusty and it seemed as though it hadn`t had an ascent in ages. Shame really..