Egerton Quarry

So the training has taken a baack seat this week. I went up to Lancashire archives in Preston on Tuesday to drop off some more of the LCCC archives for safe keeping, and the rest of the week has been spent driving around the country sorting out various software and hardware issues on site for work, so psyche has been low for the wall.
 Anyway, R-man contacted me to say he`s developed some bouldering at Egerton quarry and offered to give me a bit of a tour, so on Thursday I met him after work.

After some parking  confusion, we located each other and made our way to the upper tier. Egerton is a pretty scruffy quarry, overgrown in places, but it has the same Lancashire charm that you often encounter, and the rock is mainly solid, crimpy, and there are some pretty good problems.
All in all I climbed the following problems; Bringing the Bear 6a+, Reach for the Stars 6a, Competition Horror Show 6b+, Conniption 6c, Hit the Buzzer 6b, The Nose 5,  and a couple of other easy ones. If you can see beyond the overgrowth there`s a really good circuit here, across the grades, a few easy problems, then a collection of mid 6s and a few hard problems, 7bish.

There`s still some for me to go at around the bridge too, as I didn`t get too much done here, so plenty of scope for a revisit. I was proper pleased to nail a 6c too, it`s been a while since I`ve felt fit enough, but the board strength seems to be showing. 7a this winter?? it should be possible I think...

I`m looking forward to the forthcoming bouldering guide too, it`s looking great.
I`m working away this week in France, but getting back on the board will be a priority when I get back. One more week of strength, then move on to stamina.