wk 2

So the psyche continues, even if convenient weather has been letting me down recently.  So in the supposed structure I've reached the end of wk  2 - POWER. Having not been wanting to update the blog with every minutiae of my activity suffice to say I've continued to get on the board regularly.
 Sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and tonight have been consistently late night, betweenn an hour and an hour and a half, and have all ended in feeling suitably beasted given the nature of the training which has been power moves between poor holds, a mix of crimps and slopers/open hands followed by core work. Even  though there have been relatively few climbing moves compared to a session training endurance, I feel the time has been well spent in improving finger strength and general power.

It's interesting however how old injuries you'd forgotten about come back to the fore once you starrt stimulating the movement that caused the original injury... I have been noticing a recurrent flare up of discomfort in my right middle finger stemming from an injury I had a few years ago at Widdop doing a slab problem that involved a rh mono. I need to keep an eye on this to ensure it doesn't become an issue. The last thing I need now I'm feeling some kind of progress is to be out of action due to not listening to feedback from my body...


  1. I remember that day at Pickpocket's. Time flies!

  2. I know, must be 2 or 3 years, which reminds me i still need to head back and get that roof done...!


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