rubbish weather...etc

The weather has been pretty mixed recently although there has been planty of good weather around having said that... I've just not been out in it.

 My latest strategy of getting out early doors and at lunch has been scuppered a bit lately as I've been caught up running training sessions for our US colleagues as well as being in Germany for meetings this wk. unfortunately I've just not got as much as I'd like done.

However, I have been on the board, training mainly long reach powerful moves, my core being a key weakness.

Following on from the last post I've ordered and received a further 30 holds, a mix of crimps, jugs, pinches and pockets. The board is now about 80% full but there's still scope for fillers between the main fixings for screw-ons. there are quite a few holds I can barely hang yet..plenty for the future.

I'm pleased with the set up and managed around an hour on it after I'd put them up tonight.

Rain tonight, so probably won't get out tomorrow, and the wkend is unlikely, but will restart in earnest next wk...