recent psyche

Various excuses mean that I've not been climbing for what seems like ages. 2012 was pretty much a washout with very little being done, and this needs to change!
So anyway, starting as I mean to go on I went to West View last week for an hour or so and realised how weak I've become and how much training I need to do in order to get back to some semblance of normality when it comes to climbing.
I've not got too many specific goals this year, just to get back into a rhythm but sorting out the woody at home needs to become a priority.
I've added some more holds to the board, a mix of medium holds and smaller crimps and I've re-jigged the landing zone to be more friendly.
The addition of a king size mattress with bouldering mats on top means that the landing is much more friendly than it used to be. Ok, so the garage is still baltic at this time of year - this needs some work... but it's a more friendly environment to actually train in.
I'm considering putting up a 20 degree wall on the other side of the garage but this will need serious re-planning of storage etc...
 So the result of last weeks foray meant I barely scraped my way up a V4 which is seriously shit, so I need to get more cranking done... I also managed to get to ROKT wall in Brighouse on Friday and was pretty impressed with their set up, they've even got a wall for 2 to 5 year olds, so I'm clearly going to have to take the little one now!!
Generally the problems were well set, and interesting, although I thought the rocktagons could be better used, but all in all pretty good. Only lasted just over an hour, which was expected!
I'll be adding to the garage with the addition of a pull up bar and possibly some rings or weights over the next few weeks I reckon, and if I can get the motivation I think I might restart the early morning sessions again...I'll be a beast by June! ;)