Boardy boardy

This weekend saw a couple of good board sessions of about an hour a piece which were unexpected. I was due to be pretty busy all weekend, but I managed to sneak a bit whilst the little one was asleep. Again, pretty haphazard approach, trying the usual set, then trying hard moves at or just beyond my limit. It may sound obvious but I concentrated mainly on working the fingers, crimping mostly, which highlighted the fact that I have few slopers on the board. I think I'll be shelling out soon. Open handing crimps just doesn't seem to have the same effect as a few good slopers. Actually it's probably a good time to review the board to see if I need to make any changes or improvements. On a different note, we made dinner for 8 of us last night which consisted of 2 curries, a Methi and a sort of Limey Balti, both from scratch. I made some awesome onion Bhaji's, I'd forgotten how easy they are to make.