Not posted for a while, no reason other then I've been pretty busy and not been doing much anyway. I have however been getting on the board a bit, albeit not for long sessions. The opportunities tend to be relatively frequent but short. Anyway, last night I went to mcc as Taffa was heading down. I was looking forward to getting some chuffing Done. I put the feelers out to the usual suspects, but all were busy. Now bearing in mind I've not been leading for probably about 2 years, I was pretty pleased to get a 6a done especially as head games have always been an issue for me. Yesterday though it was different, I felt Psyched and everything felt easy. Ok, so no great grades but for me it was good. If I was inclined, I could really get back into roping, it was after all my first intro to climbing, and I think it's good to reconnect with your roots sometimes... This was followed by a good board session tonight, although I could really do with some more resin slopers...


  1. I'm always up for a spot of trad (or sport) Pasty (if I can get out).

    1. Nice one, Nik. When this weather clears up and the evenings begin to gt longer I may well be up for putting a harness on...


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