Up with the partridge.

I've been listening to the audio cd of Alan Partridge's autobiography recently with immense enjoyment. Perfect driving listening.
Anyway, this week I've managed to get on the board twice, for about 45 minutes each time. No great training sessions, but enough to feel like I'm making forward progress, that's for sure. Consistency is key to this, so I need to keep it up.
Aside from the circuit of usual problems, I pretty much just randomly try moves that I think I can't do, then link them with others, making it up as I go along. Whilst this is enjoyable, I fear the lack of structure may be inhibiting...
So how do you effectively train on a woody? I guess each session needs to concentrate on one particular set of moves or position (i.e. open vs twisting, crimps vs slopers), or maybe a set duration i.e. repeaters of 25 continuous moves (about 6 laps of a board this size!!!) or something of this order.
I don't know, but at the moment I'm quite happy to just mix and match, I'm still feeling weak from the inactivity over Christmas. I'll need to up the variation though at some point, so I need to start planning for this..
I've got my eye on the Font trip in April which is paid up now, and I need to get focused.
I'm keeping a keen eye on this UKB thread for ideas. Hopefully this year it will all come together so I can actually crush...