Foot stress fracture

29/01/12 - I've somehow managed to get my foot damaged... I have a red painful swelling on the ball of my foot that has got progressively worse since Thursday. I don't remember knocking it or straining it or anything, and it feels like it could be an infection or something. Nice. Am seeing a doctor this afternoon, so we'll see what happens. Walking is painful, annoyingly.

30/01/12 - edit: it appears I have a probable stress fracture of my second toe. Nothing can be done about it apparantly, just follow the 'if it hurts, don't do it' advice. Going to see what it stands up to on the board tonight before deciding if I'm going climbing tomorrow... I'm hoping it'll not be too bad, but too much landing on it may be counter-productive. I'm pretty sure I know when I did it too, it must have been on last weeks installation - I had to jump off some racking and landed a bit awkwardly. I'm surprised I didn't get any real pain until the next day though...