Chuffing and a V5 flash

So tonight I went to West View with JB. It was good to catch up , and the order of the day was mileage, no particular aims. Now its been probably over a year since I've tied on, so it was refreshing to have a change of scene. We warmed up on lots of easy routes and as the evening wore on it became increasingly busy. I haven't been to WV for quite a while, and in spite of it being rammed it was still relatively easy to get to routes.
Having warmed up, I was quite pleased to get up a 6b+, without it feeling particularly difficult at all- ok, so it was on a rope, not leading, but I'm happy with that. After an hour or two we did a bit of bouldering, doing a few V2 and 3s I managed to flash both a V4 and a V5, the first time I've ever done that I think. Looks like the board may start to be paying dividends... Then time was called and we left ...
All in all a good evening, good climbing and some good company.