Where's it all gone wrong...

So, here I am, in bed with a fever, hacking sore throat and general lethargy. What with the recent cocktail of long days at work, shitty weather, getting fat at kids birthday parties, getting fat eating hotel food working away, I really didn't need an illness on top.
Ok, i might be being a little melodramatic, but this situation does stink. It feels like I've not been climbing in ages, and I've certainly not done any training lately. It's almost worse knowing that the woody is in the garage, but I haven't had the time or inclination to use it recently.
In the new year things have got to change I think, the Font trip is booked for easter, so I need to start cranking sometime soon If I've any hope of achieving my goals next year.
I guess I could sum up by saying I'm generally pissed off with my climbing, or lack of it recently...

I wish it would stop raining soon, and I can get back on the projects,


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