Apologies for the last post. Was just feeling a little negative about the situation...
It turns out things aren't that bad really, when one applies a little logic.
Anyway, yesterday of all days I managed to get on the board and managed about an hour and a half of good cranking. It felt brutal given that I've not been on for a bit, and no doubt it will be a while before I'm hitting the really small crimps, but it felt really good to be back doing something, albeit not a great deal..
I'm feeling really positive about finally getting 7a done soon. We're past the shortest night of the year now, and if I can keep some momentum up with the board, it'll get done.
On a separate note, I've finally got the new lathe up and running and can finally start getting some of the cherry and laburnum worked, I can't wait. Finally at 3200 rpm, nice! makes a decent task during rests on the board, aye!