Pinfold and Deeply

I found myself free for a couple of hours yesterday and GCW mentioned that him and R-man were heading back up to Billinge after a successful potential problem hunt and had decided to do a bit of exploratory cleaning.
By the time I managed to get out it was nearing 2pm. GCW texted to say they were heading off by that time.
I decided therefore to head over to Pinfold to check out the bouldering there, as there are some problems described on the left hand side. After getting a bit mis-routed getting there, I eventually found where to park (not masses of parking) and walked in. Unsurprisingly everything was sodden. I tramped through the fields on the way in and found the quarry, hidden around near a small valley.
The bouldering hereabouts is on a terrace on the left and on first sight actually looks relatively clean and of good quality. It was all wet though, so nothing was going to get climbed, but definitely will be worth going back to.
At this point I started to walk over to the other side of the quarry, but got in between a calf and it's mother. Now , cows aren't renowned for their intelligence, and I wasn't going to wait around to see whether it realised I was no threat, and this cow was pretty pissed off at this point so I beat a hasty retreat.
I tried to go round over the hill, but was faced with a Bull and a couple more cows, so gave it up as a bad job.
There is a small wall below the terrace which could yield one problem, but it isn't very inviting to be honest...

It was time to beat a retreat before I got run through, so I ran away.

Next up, I wanted to head to Deeply Vale, as I had heard there were several walls with bouldering potential.
I arrived at the crag, but was pretty disappointed really. There doesn't seem to be much that isn't either quite trad-like, or otherwise easy and non-distinct.
Having rooted around for a bit I decided to take a shortcut back over the field to the car and proceded to get stuck in a swamp. Nice.
Hopefully one day it won't be wet...