Wilton 1 and CrushBoard progress.

R-man has been busy lately in the Wiltons, repeating previous lines and climbing new ones. Last night I went to check it out with GCW and see what all the fuss was about. As I left work it started to rain, and didn't look good. Having seen the weather earlier in the day I thought it should clear out though so decided it was worth the risk.
The Postmans Daughter' sitstart felt absolutely impossible, another R-man signature problem, and after a brief look at the others we moved on to the Prow. It started raining again after a brief let up and things weren't looking good...
Nappy Rash looks like a worthwhile problem but was wet... G was having a go at the 7a to the left of Beneath deception, without too much success, although at least that was dry.
We did Clamp, 6a+ and Flywalk 6b, both good problems.
After a while it became apaprant that not much more was going to get done so we went over to the Snakey B wall, I had a go at SB which I still couldn't do, and the G-man crushed SB left hand and Baby Fae.
Then we ran away. Not the best of conditions it must be said...

Crush Board:

So all of the tee-nuts have been tapped in and I've checked the thread of each of them, and now the bottom two boards have been mounted.

So all that remains to be done is to attache the top board and make some more holds from off cuts and arrange them.
I'm pleased so far, just eager to get it finished...