West View

GCW fancied getting out and I had a pass last night. As the weather was crap we opted for an indoor session and West View was the venue of choice.
I ended up being later than I hoped due to underestimating the time it would take to get there, and as I arrived G was tucking into a large flapjack. It was quieter than usual (although it is summer) so it wasn't too hot. We warmed up on a few of the V1s and 2s and then I had a short rest a la Niks advice.
I then did a couple of V4s and flashed a V5 which I was pretty pleased with bearing in mind my lack of fitness. The rest of the session involved trying the other V5s but alas it wasn't to be.
G was looking as lanky as ever, mostly reaching past the hard moves. I think he managed a V6 flash too, which is not bad going although he foolishly dropped another.
While we were there there were a couple of young girls, between 8 and 11 I'd say, leading up the overhanging wall on 6bs/6cs. I was really impressed, there was no faffing about, they were just cracking on with it - the only thing holding them back was reach! Inspiring stuff indeed.