Any spare time that would otherwise have been spent out climbing has been spent recently sorting the garage for the crush board. Progress so far...

One diagonal beam cut for checking the correct length
All other diagonal beams cut to the same length
horizontal support beams measured and cut to shape
Kickboard frame cut, constructed and bolted to wall
mid-wall beam bolted to wall.

Actually now that I have pretty much all of the wood cut to the correct size apart from the ply, it is proving fairly quick to construct. I now have three of the diagonal beams in place. Having never constructed anything like this before it is quite a learning curve for me - naively I thought I would be able to screw straight into the rafters without any pilot holes but even with the corded drill this is impossible, so now the process involves lining up a diagonal, nailing it in place, drilling three holes through the beam, taking it down, drilling through the rafter, replacing the beam, then using the drill to insert the screw so it goes through fully. I'm using 4 inch screws so they are protruding the whole way through the 4x2 and the rafter, then also screwing one from the other side.
When combined with the cross bar, this feels really solid. I reckon one more evening and the frame will be completed. I've ordered the tee nuts, so just the bolts to get in terms of hardware, and I think I'll order some holds later this week.
I've got shed loads of random timber lying about too, so am looking forward to creating some holds from that too...


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