Best Font performance yet.

So, I've got a couple of meetings in the Paris area this week, and it just so happens that todays meeting ended early so I was able to head round the peripherique and down to Fontainebleau. I suppose I had actually engineered it really, but it is true that I do have to be in Paris for work, and as I'm in the area, well, why not make the most of it?
I got to Franchard Isatis by about 3 pm and the weather was nice and warm. I thought it would be too warm, but luckily it wasn't, and much of Isatis is in the shade anyway.
I warmed up on a couple of easy problems, Orange I think and then set to with the reds and blue circuits.
It's been over a year since I've been to font, but I love this place. It's very calming to be back in the forest again even if I did only have half a day.
I got a few of the red and blue problems done, and was surprised to note that even on a Wednesday afternoon it was still pretty busy. Not as busy as it would have been at Easter, but nevertheless it was not quiet.
I've never been to Isatis before, but I was fairly impressed. The problems are all quite varied, even though I was expecting it all to be a crimp-fest.
I'd had enough of Isatis after a while and fancied something different so I headed over to Bois Rond, another place I've never been to. This circuit struck me as a bit more rugged than Isatis however it was still fairly busy. After some faffing about on problems I couldn't do, namely Little Shakespeare with it's tiny crimps and deft footwork needed I finally looked at a problem I thought I might do. Red number 9 is called Friction et Realite and takes a diagonal sloping groove up to a niche.
After a couple of tries I really thought I could nail this, so I got teh crush cam out only to find that it was not working. No idea why, but its probably a battery issue, ironically.
Forgetting that, I got back on the problem and crushed it the next go.
This is the first time I've climbed a 6a in the forest, and fairly easily too. Ok, so it's hardly significant, but for me it is, bearing in mind I've never climbed this hard in Font, and I do find the style of climbing pretty hard to get to grips with.
after this, I tried Theorie des nuages, which is a line that traverses a roof and then climbs an overhang.
After a couple of goes I could get along the roof ok, but found it incredibly difficult to hold the swing on the final jug, as it's so undercut and quite a reach.
Eventually I could hold the swing, but then couldn't move up to the mono. Looking on I can see from the pictures that I should probably have been getting in a sneaky heelhook on the good handhold. This actually sould have made my life a lot easier.
Ah well, I guess 6a and 6a+ on an afternoon at Font would have been asking too much...
Finally I decided to head over to Bas Cuvier as I've wanted to have a go at Marie Rose for a while, but also it's somewhere else I've never been too. As I was walking out, G texted to suggest another problem at Bois Rond, but I was nearly at the carpark so decided to head straight over to bas.
I really like the feel of this place, it's really open and friendly, and although a lot of the problems are fairly high, there are so many to be had.
After a brief look at Marie Rose, I was disappointed. I was expecting a classic problem only to find a lot of polish. I guess that should be expected due to it's historic status.
By this time I was clearly past my best as I failed on a couple of 5cs and didn't climb anything else of note.
It was nearing 9pm anyway so I headed back north and am now sitting here in a hotel in the north of Paris, wishing I had another 4 days to crush in Font.
Alas, as is often the way with these things, you've got to take it when it comes I suppose.
Well, I suppose as a consolation for the May Font trip I had to cancel, I'll take that any day of the week. It's made even more enjoyable by the fact it's supposed to piss it down tomorrow.
I did have an enjoyable afternoon, although I must say that it would have been made even more enjoyable with some company. Bouldering at the best venue in Europe is great, but it would have been nice to share it.
So tomorrow I'll be at the Peugeot-Citroen factory. I know the Leyland trucks plant in the UK fairly well, and I've been tot he Toyota factory in Onnaing so I'm interested to see if they have a different set up to those plaaces... being French, I dare say they do...!