30 today

Well today I turn 30.
Christ it's all down hill from here...
Whenever you reach a milestone inevitably it leads you to think about acheivements and where you are at that given point.
My one score and ten has not meant I've climbed 7a yet, nor have I onsighted E1, but I have my health, a good job, a nice house and I'm generally happy. Not only that, but the summer is coming, and I can't wait, my favourite time of the year.
Anyway, I digress. Yesterday was also a good day. I had unexpectedly found myself free for a couple of hours before a christening and so decided to head over to Cadshaw, G-man was psyched for some eliminate quarry shizzle adn I haven't been on Brian Jacques for a few weeks. Shortly before I left it started raining, so a last minute change of plan meant we met at Wilton 1 -it was, however tanking it down, and given the friability of the Snakey B wall and the fact that Gareth keeps pulling the bloody wall down anyway meant that climbing was not a viable option. Therefore we headed back over the valley to Cadshaw.
This is where Cadshaw conditions conspire to confuse, as ever.
This place is weird.
Now it really was raining, properly pissing it down, but when we arrived at the red wall, lo and behold it was bone dry. It's easy to forget that the wall is at least 10 degrees overhanging.
The bonus was also that there was no fog or mist, the clouds were too high, so the atmosphere was dry. Hence dry holds and no apparant seepage. Odd.
Faced with bizarrely good conditions, I pulled on my boots and tried Brian Jacques. On my first go I managed to get to the crux move easily, but alas didn't latch the good crimp. This really is a show stopper for me.
G set to trying the traverse eliminate and made progress, latching the jug with a wild one-handed move but alas didn't manage the link-up. This will go though as he was looking solid.
I then tried the crux move of BJ in isolation many times, trying various adjustments to no avail.
I wouldn't mind but I've actually done the move once. I think it's all about the left hand arete and pulling in before extending. either way I couldn't get hold of it today...
I am still really psyched for the problem though, and it's going down soon.
On otehr matters, the timber for the crush-board is arriving on Friday, so I shall soon be able to start building once the asbestos is removed. Can't wait.
Over and out.