Yesterday I had a rare evening spare so headed over to Cadshaw. GCW was at a loose end and was keen for a revisit after his recent project progress. As I flogged away at Brian Jacques he was getting close to latching the final crimp on the arete project. Originally a line that I had my eye on, he seems to be making more progress and seems more psyched than I am to get it done.
I dare say he'll have it done before long.
As for Brian Jacques, what a class problem. I can now link the start to gain the arete, and set up for the big move to the crimp. Once I've got this move nailed, it's on. I think it's a timing thing. To catch the hold for me feels hard, and although I can get the hold, I can't hold it as I swing off. The promising thing however is that getting there doesn't feel beyond my limit.
I'm going to crush this problem.

Anyway. We then moved on to find Twist, a problem I've known about for ages, and sought out in the past but never actually tried. It can be found on a block past red wall by following the stream upriver for 5 or 10 mins.
This area only ever gets dry after a prolonged dry spell, and is proper Lancashire esoterica! Unsurprisingly it wasn't chalked up, and needed a bit of a brush to clean it.
The problem is only a couple of moves, and was first climbied by R-man's brother Ollie Mueller a few years ago. It is however a very enjoyable couple of moves and kind of weird if you follow the short man's beta and don't lank it. was disappointed not to get the flash, but I think this was due to rushing it. I did however crush after a go or two.
After a brief play on the overhanging block to the left, which contains a problem that looks all but impossible to me, we then crossed the river and scrambled up a steep bank of leaves with some difficulty to find a potential project wall. After the removel of a tiny wasps nest with a solitary wasp in it, we tried a potential project that climbs a groove to a high break.
Looks hard. Feels hard.
After some progress we sacked it, due to an angry wasp returning and stomped back to the car.
I'm psyched for Brian Jacques, and hopefully I'll engineer a revisit before having to work in Germany for 10 days at the end of next week, during which I'm likely to get nothing done...

On the house front, the downstairs is pretty much done now. Just the upstairs and garage, then it'll be time to plan the woody....