Well, in general I've pretty much done nothing.
Went to the Roaches last weekend though with the intention of tradding.
To say it's been bloody ages since putting a harness on is no exaggeration, but I was looking forward to getting out on the sharp end to be fair, and the weather was looking ok.
We made good time down and arrived at around half nine. As ever in this part of the world, there were dry conditions everywhere except at the crag.
As we drove past Hen Cloud it was clear that the Roaches would be in mist.
When we got to the crag, it wasn't very good. Cold, wet, with a fine mist falling incessantly.
Not to be deterred, we headed over to the upper left hand side near inverted staircase and started on a slabby route.
Now, under normal conditions, especially with mileage the route is piss, but in the event, we backed off due to rain stopping play. Mossy unprotected slabs in the wet are not my cup of tea to be honest. At least not that day.
It was becoming fairly obvious that nothing was going to get done, so after doing the Big 'Oles boulder problem in the wet, we retreated.
As we still had a few hours spare we picked up the shotgun and went to shoot some clays, so the day wasn't totally wasted...


  1. Sounds like excuses to me........

  2. pish. Probably right though. Bloody weather, etc,etc..


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