West View

So I had a pass out yesterday and chose to head over to Preston. I haven't been indoors for a long time, looking back at the blog it appears the last time was at Rochdale on November 29th. Ah well, events seem to have taken a front seat recently.
Gareth was free and decided to put in an appearance, but the bearded one was enjoying some Italian based birthday food avec the family so couldn't make it.
I had forgotten my card, so it took about ten minutes before I got in. This is after having parked dodgily the wrong way down a one way street. West View seems to be a victim of it's own success...
I wasn't too pleased at the hike in rates, I'd forgotten that it had gone up to £6. This now puts it on a par with most of the other walls in the area. The price had always been a decider for me over where to go if there was indecision, in spite of it being a bit further to travel.
To be fair, the price has been static for some time.
As expected from the state of the carpark, the place was RAMMED.
It was good to see Simon and a few of the Lancs lot down, roping it as ever, but it's been a while since I've seen them so that was pleasant.
To say I'm out of shape is an understatement. All night I just felt particularly weak and clumsy.
I warmed up on a couple of the V2s and 3s and then flashed a couple of the V4s, but before long I was out of juice. I had a good go at a few of the V5s, but to be honest, psyche was low, skin was thin and I generally felt crap. G was not much different, and although he looked strong on the V5s, even his sublime footwork couldn't get him up a V6.
In mitigation however, I should say that this set of problems seems hard.
In amongst the rabble it was good to see some local wads were in force, the tanned one, and even Lancashire legend Mr. Lovatt put in an appearance, so there were plenty of people about to make failure seem even worse than it was.