Changing times

Well we are now officially homeless.
Moving was a total arse and seemed never ending. I banked on a day and a half, and in the event it took 3 days to clear the house and the garden. Still, eventually it was done, and we're now at a temporary address until the new house completes, probably sometime in April.
I went to the old house to take the final gas reading, and it was really weird being in the house with someone elses stuff in it.
Things have been altogether perturbing lately, hopefully they'll settle down soon. I'm not too keen on being in limbo.
Anyway, to alleviate the stress of moving, I went up to West View with the G-man and El Beardo, and it appears that 3 days of shifting crap does nothing for your climbing technique.
So I was generally out of sorts and wonderful company all round. There was plenty of crush from the Lanky one as there was from El Beardo, whilst I mostly failed on everything V5 and above, and sat around a lot.
However, as a wise man once said, inactivity is not the road to improvement, so I really need to be more focused and psyched at the wall, or not bother going.

To heap yet more bad news on, it appears Broughton really is shutting this time. And all in the name of progress eh. Bastards. They will be getting rid of one of the most important training venues in the North West. They don't build 'em like that any more.


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