Happy New Year

Well, things are all changed in the Ginns household since November. On the 7th December our daughter was born, an event that will undoubtedly change EVERYTHING.
For the better though.
with a pretty healthy weight of 7 lb 1oz, she's already the Boss of the household and running Mrs rginns ragged. Ah the joys of baby excretions.

Anyway, this is clearly the reason that the blog hasn't been tended to lately, but hopefully from now on it should get more frequent.

Other news is that the house is now under offer, so we will soon be in pastures new, god knows where - the hunting begins.

On second thoughts, I may not get to update the blog quite as frequently as I hope...

Well the list this year has been an utter failure, having only completed 3 off the list. I feel the need for a change, as some of the places I never even got to - such as Thorn crag, which in spite of being an awesome place, is pretty impractical to get to at the best of times. The list may have to be reduced to those problems I can get on locally and easily. At least in the short term., as the child may well stop play more than I think over the next few months.

Back on the climbing front, I have managed to get out climbing today, the first time since the birth - it felt awesome to get back on the rock, and conditions were excellent when I finally found some dry rock - firstly I went over to Lower Montcliffe, I've got two projects there that I want to do, but they were both wet. As I was leaving, lo and behold I saw another boulderer - this is the first time I've ever seen anyone else at Lower Montcliffe, brilliant to see people going there, who knows I may have to queue for the problems next time!
Anyways, I headed up the road past Brownstones to Wilton 1. I've got a couple of things I want to do there, the first being snakey B LH which takes the left hand line on the wipeout wall.. To be honest I wasn't feeling that good as it's been 6 weeks since I've climbed and inevitably felt clumsy and weak. I warmed up on Baby fae, and then got straight on with the left hand Snakey b. After a couple of goes, it felt ok, so I turned crushcam on and crushed it in style... it took me by surprise actually at how easy it felt. It's a good problem with a couple of really good moves. Anyways, here's the vid: