Rochdale, but demoralised.

I had possibly the worst day of the year at work last week on Tuesday, and to top it all it was in Worksop. It may be just me, but people from Worksop just aren't normal. There's a kind of bubble they live in which means they can't breed outside their own gene pool. Or, at least that's how it seems to me. Anyway, after an unwarranted battering from all and sundry I managed to get free by about half past four.
The original plan was to get shot a lot earlier and head outside somewhere in the peak on my way back, but in the event it was nearly dark by the time I left. I had to go to Harrogate before heading back home, so I went there and from there straight to the wall. I was going to go to Preston, but that would have added a good 45 minutes to my journey, so instead I went to Rochdale. I've not been here in a while, and wanted to check out the new problems.

I warmed up on a few of the yellows and greens before attacking the pinks (V4/5) in anger. For some reason on the overhanging wall, the pink problems all feel absolutely nails. I got to the last moves of a couple of them, but no cigar. Even the blues (V2/3) seemed a little tougher than they ought to have done. I could only put it down to the angle being steeper than I'm used to, and my incredible lack of strength!
After flogging those for a while I went on to the vertical wall, and flashed all but one of the pinks on this side. This made me feel a lot better about things and reaffirmed what I'd thought. It seems that although I have almost exclusively been working on steep bouldering over the last year or so, I still have a way to go before I'm as strong as I'd like to be...

On the aims list, the completion rate has been woeful. Even the videos have dropped off the blog for a while... therefore, this needs to change in the new year. For reasons that will become apparant it looks like I'll be out of action for at least a few weeks very soon, but to use an awful americanism, 'moving forward', I hope to have some more interesting posts to read, and some videos to watch...