Lower Montcliffe

On Wednesday I had a couple of hours so went over to West View. All in all I was feeling ok, but I hadn't eaten enough in the day, so felt pretty dodgy afterwards.
Note to self: eat stuff.
I managed a lot of easy stuff, then very very nearly did the white V5 in the middle. For the first time, I linked all moves twice in a row, falling on the last move. For me this is a big improvement, especially bearing in mind I was knackered.
G was looking strong as ever, and managed all manner of things up to the V6 region. Good stuff.
Fast forward to yesterday, and I had a couple of hours free in the afternoon so popped over to Lower Montcliffe.
I spent quite a bit of time there last summer and really like the place. There's rarely anyone there when I go, which is nice. There was one main aim, Dinosaur Adventure 3D (6c/6c+) that takes a cool slanting groove.
After faffing about a bit, I got on the problem proper, and after a while was palming the groove. Then GCW and troops arrived, ready for the crush. After settling the troops down with some sweets and entertainments, G got to work removing some of the grass from the top of the problem. Between us the problem got quite a lot of grass removed, and as such is looking a lot clearer. It didn't take G long to dispatch the problem in consummate style.
The move I can't quite yet do is the right hand move up the groove to the good part of the arete - although, after only an hour on the problem this felt pretty close. I reckon one or two more sessions and I'll have this one in the bag. I'm really psyched for it too...
Then the Lanky one showed me Maid in Stone, a problem I have looked at briefly, but found nails. The moves on this one felt good yesterday though, and this is another one I can see myself getting my teeth into, and being 7a is a contender for this years target...
Monty is esoteric, but it's easy for me to get to, quiet (I'm an unsociable git) and a couple of quality projects to go for. All in all it gets the thumbs up...