West View

I was planning on being out climbing yesterday, the weather was good, but in the end various factors conspired to ensure it didn't happen. Most of the afternoon however was spent cooking curries from scratch as we had friends over - the first time I've cooked vegan curries, but they were surprisingly easy, and tasty...
We met up at the strawbury duck and went for a brief walk around the reservoir, and after a pint, we headed back via the scenic road to Belmont.

After a good night of curries and merriment I was surprisingly feeling ok this morning. After everyone had gone, I decided to head up to West View as it had ben raining for most of the day.
I've not been to West view for ages, and it was nice to refamiliarise myself with it and it was busier than I thought it would be..
Happened to see Gremlin from UKB there avec friend, and from what he is saying it seems brownstones is back to being a swamp again at the bottom end. Ah well, default situation really...
I wasn't feeling great, but warmed up on the v1s and 2s and then did a couple of v3s.

I tried a few of the v4s, and much to my surprise I flashed the first one, and the other couple I managed in 2 or 3 goes. Better than I thought I'd do, they certainly went easier than last winter.
I had a go on the left hand black v5 and felt fairly strong on it although I was already past my best, one to try next time.

My previous glass ceiling has tended to be v5, but as the v4s went easy today I think a good target for the end of this winter should be v6.

What was it? Aim high, fail big...?!