UKC Profile now deleted....

Internet musings...
Well, I've come to the position that I can no longer support UKC as I have done before. I came to this decision after reading this thread on UKB.
Personally I've had no reason myself to take issue with the emporers of UKC in spite of the stories I've heard and their wish to influence other websites, but the POD debarcle seems to confirm what I thought.
Dubious ALLEGED topo theft by the other company doesn't help matters, especially as they're full of inaccuracies anyway.
So I've decided to delete all photos and everything on my profile if I can't delete the profile itself. I doubt I'll be visiting the site any tme soon and have effectively stopped using it a while back
UKB is by far a better forum, and I shall be sticking to that from now on.
Vive la revolution. Let's hope the Insect Overlords can do all they want to do with the site.
Anyway, it's not all negativity, I've made a little game for you all: Hangman!

Here's a picture clue...