Busy Preston

Last night saw a relatively rare visit to Preston, Darryl is about again in the week so I mentioned that I should be heading over there and GCW was up for some climbing too.
It was busy when I arrived and only got busier. After getting lost several times Darryl had eventually made it in and was talking to Mad Tony and Alison from the club near the entrance. It was nice to see them again actually as I've not been getting out on the meets as often as I'd like.
I warmed up on a few of the V2s and 3s, then tried a few of the v4s. To my surprise I flashed them all. I then tried one of the V4/5s and got up that first time too. I wasn't feeling too bad.
Darryl was also going well in view of having been off climbing and injured for 6 months and got up a v4. If he loses a bit of the padding and starts training he'll be strong soon enough.
GCW was putting on a good show too, eventually pulling a V6 out of the bag and looking strong on everything else, even managing to heel-toe many more holds than necessary. Footwork was sublime...
I then tried the white V5 in the middle and got to the last move before falling off, but I felt quite good on it really, one I need to get on sooner next time. The problems have been reset and they're mostly good, with some of them crossing over each other and most being a bit reachy, but this isn't too surprising as they do tend to be there.
There were a lot of people in tonight, Jordon was in fresh from his flash victory on Balance it is, and Naomi, Mr. L and a few other big guns were in. It was difficult to concentrate in the presence of wads!
Although I'm not getting out much, I am at least getting one session in per week. I really need to start supplementing this with some fingerboard training so that when I am out on the crag I can CRUSH in style... 65 days to climb 7a although I'm likely to be severely impeded after 36 days... tick tick tick!