too much booze, not enough moves.

Well recently has mostly consisted of not moving very much, and drinking coupiously. I put it down to drinking while I still can, but whatever, it's not good.
This weekend just gone was spent in Edinburgh on Banksy's stag do, and in spite of the only 4 hours sleep on Friday I managed to come second in the claypigeon shooting. ALthough I was robbed, having only 23 cartridges as opposed to the 25 everyone else had, so the moral victory is mine!
After a night out which ended up in rickshaw races down the high street, we managed to leave the horrible (but cheap) hostel more or less in one piece.
As I'd refused to pay double the train ticket price to leave at a time of my convenience, I had to wait until 4pm to get my train as opposed to everyone else leaving at 11. Ah well, I had a secret plan...

I had managed to secrete my climbing shoes in the bag on the off chance that I'd be at a loose end. So, after breakfast I decided to head up to Salisbury crag for a play about. Iggy was still hanging about for his train, so we both headed up there.
The walk up there nearly finished me off.
After some time procrastinating I got my shoes on. The rock itself is quarried and reminded me of a taller version of Brownstones. There are 2 easy faces and one steeper face. As I didn't have any topo with me, I spent quite a bit of time traversing back and forth and making up my own problems. The steeper section is polished to buggery and in the greasy conditions wasn't a nice proposition.
After a couple of hours, I'd had enough, and still hungover we made our way to the railway station.

Yesterday I had a bit of time before the BMC meeting, so headed over to Broughton. I spent quite a bit of time trying the 6c taverse and got just over half way which isn't bad. Other than that I aimlessly did a few 5bs and 5cs before running away.
THe BMC meeting was ok, less protracted debate than usual. Damage at Wilton is concerning, as are further fires and glass in W1. hopefully something will be done.
Coming out of the meeting I realised I'd left my lights on, hence flat battery.
Luckily Tom was still in the area, and we managed to flag down a passing motorist who happened to have some jump leads... mine had unfortunately been fried after mis-connecting them. Couldn't see anything in the dark. Hmm it's funny how many sparks a 12v battery can produce (!)


  1. G-lank is maybe coming to the board meeting on Thursday evening (8pm onwards). Come along if you're free.

  2. If Pasty is coming, I'll be there........

    There seems to be a sad trend of damage at Lancs Crags. Maybe it's due to the nature of the rock- often there are pack of cars top outs, or shear points that mean holds snap off. Or maybe it's because of an increase in popularity.

    Brownstones is definitely suffering. Plus a lot of other venues. Whilst we try to reduce the damage with cautious repair and conservation work, the damage continues. A necessary evil? Or the makers of our own doom?


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