Boardy boardy

This week has been a bit mad at work really, so I've had less opportunity to get much done. However on Tuesday I was feeling sluggish and decided I really needed to go for a run. As I was supposed to also be going to the in-laws I opted for a Jumbles quick run. It's been a while since I've done this run, and it showed, as I couldn't remember the route and got rather lost, ending up on horrobin lane. This added at least 3 minutes onto my time so I only managed 22 mins 45.
bah. I felt broken too, obviously a bit out of touch...

Yesterday I headed over to Todmorden for a board meeting at the church with the bearded one and GCW. The brutality of the 40 degree steepness all but finished me off after an hour or so, but I managed to get to the top on the jugs. well, just. Most of the rest of the time was spent generally flailing and watching BB and G crushing mad-stylee / spinning holds (delete as applicable). They were both looking strong.
I knew the night was all but over when I failed to even get to the top of the "gay wall" though...
Thoroughly enjoyable actually, good training. Nice one BB.
I felt ok, and the hand is fine now. I think some more time at Broughton is required though as the fingers felt weaker than usual, although that could be down to 2 months of inactivity. Time to dust off the fingerboard...?

Got me dreaming about when I can build a board in our new house...when we get it. mmm. It will likely have to fit into a suburban garage however.