Went over to Brownstones after work yesterday for a potter. I warmed up on the crack, two step and a couple of others. Then worked a bit more on the pond traverse to see how I'd do. Actually I managed to get from the corner at the end of the initial wall over to the muddy arete or whatever it is first go, not even that warmed up. This was promising, as I could only just do that before I got injured.
Anyway, another part I've always struggled on a bit is getting round from mantelstrung to two step. I managed that first go too, going low whereas I normally go high.
Might I start to think this may actually go down this year?
It was a bit of a confidence booster which I'm in dire need of at the minute. For me, Psyche+confidence=results, and as I'm running short of psyche...

I was displeased to hear last night that the Great North Swim has been cancelled or rather postponed, meaning I won't be heading there this weekend. It does however mean that I can join the whole of Banksys stag do, which isn't a bad alternative to be honest...!


  1. Jeez, a little bit of algae and you give up on your swimming. Where's the motivation?

    May try to get back to Brownstones more, better buy some midge spray though.


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