Cadshaw and Broughton

I was going to go swimming after work on Friday, and then on my way to the pool I got a message from the G-Meister challenging me to a Cadshaw run.
At the next junction I turned round and headed up, heading along a really picturesque road, Egerton road from Belmont, then Stones Bank Road which brought me out right near Cadshaw. I never know the road existed, at least not that it lead from Belmont to Blackburn road.
The wonders of Satnav indeed.
I arrived, and managed to stretch a little before GCW arrived.
I've not done this run for a while, probably 5 or 6 weeks, so I wasn't expecting a record time.
I was right to trust my expectations.
The first half didn't feel too bad, but I went through real bad patch just over half way through, I hadn't eaten much in the day and I think it really affected me. I almost stopped at several points.
The time was 41:07 which is around 30 seconds off my previous best, which although not being very good, at least wasn't shameful, bearing in mind I've not been running in a while.

Yesterday it was raining virtually all day and the original plan had been to head up to Brownstones or maybe have a look at a new line I've got in mind elsewhere, but in the event it would have been too wet to get anything done, so I headed to Broughton.
I spent some time on the main wall, warming up, then spent the rest of the time on the 45 degree board.
I had a really good session actually, I can feel my body tension starting to improve, and feel notably stronger than even a couple of weeks ago.
Again, AMAZING footwork. God, I'm good.
I think I'm going to try and spend more time at Broughton than I have in the past, simply because it's such a good place to get strong. Technique does tend to be biased for Limestone, not many grit slopers here, but that can be allayed to a certain extent by open handing stuff.