Beasted by the board of the beast

Monday this week found me in Glasgow as I had some work up there. The plan was to cut early and head over to Dumby, but as is ever the case, I found myself looking at 6 hours worth of rain as I left the meeting at 2pm. It didn't look like it was going to stop. The choice was thus: option 1, drive 45 minutes to Dumby, look at some wet rock, then go home , or option 2, drive home.

Unsurprisingly I opted for the second option. As it happens, I should be up there again in October, so I'm hoping to get a chance to head over, as I've heard good things about this Scottish bouldering homeland.

Aside from that, which was doing nothing, I've done very little this week, in fact nothing. Soooooo yesterday I headed over to the Wall of Burl. Second visit, and it just isn't getting any less steep... and unfortunately gravity still has the same affect it always does on my un-muscly and flabby non-tensiony body.
Think it's doing the job though.
Today I feel wrecked. I haven't felt like that for ages, it's a good feeling, in a weird sort of way.
I was running late as the wife hadn't got back from work until late, so didn't get over to Niks until about half 8. There was still coffee being drunk so I hadn't missed the main show.
Psyche was higher than last week, though I still failed to complete a problem. At least with any flair, gusto or fluency. My footwork however was amazing. Rarely has such footwork been seen in West Yorkshire.
In spite of my overall weakness however, I did manage to get up the GayWall tm!! PROGRESS!
GCW was looking good incorporating as many heel and toe hooks as he could, just to make the moves look as awkward as possible, and Nik was lapping the board like a sport climbing beast.
All in all a cracking night of cranking and failing. Bonza.