Generally unfit.

Well, yesterday I decided I'd better actually at least try to go climbing...

Last week I went to Brownstones with Big G and generally failed to climb anything of note. It was a case of testing the hand out. Things started well, with G proffering Gauffres before we even started. Genius.
Actually, it wasn't too bad really, I managed various things, the usuals, Lobotomy, Hernia etc. Also the two step 5c version, Dynamic eliminate 6a and a few other bits and bobs. The hand fared pretty well, aside from being fairly painful when pushing directly on the scar as I topped out. This is likely to be my only gripe now, but I'm hoping that massaging moisturiser into it regularly will help in the long run.

So, fast forward to this week. The pork life I've been indulging recently has resulted in a 3 pound gain since I last went on the Wii fit, which kindly points out is 200 days ago...
However, I feel unfit to say the least. I've got the Great North Swim next week, and I realised I've only been swimming once in the last 3 months. Shit.
Therefore on Wednesday I headed down to the pool and swam 50 lengths. Not a mile, but once I'd got my rhythm it was fine really. Under 40 minutes which I'm not particularly happy with, but it's better than nowt. The most awkward thing will be swimming in the new wetsuit as I've not had the opportunity to test it out. I just hope the added bouyancy doesn't hinder my stroke. hmmm.

Anyway, back to climbing.

I went to Broughton last night, in spite of the fact that the weather was pretty good. The reasoning behind that was that as I've had quite a while from climbing the priority was to get as many climbing moves in as possible. With the best will in the world this is rarely acheived outside. For me, at least.
So, Got there around half five, climbed quite a few problems up to 5b+, then flashed a couple of 5cs. This seems to be my benchmark at the moment, if I can flash a couple of 5cs, I'm happy.
I then moved over to the cellar. I really need to work on my strength and general body tension as it's pretty crap. The board is fierce, being 45 degrees overhanging. I managed a couple of the V3 problems, then ended up jug hauling for about half an hour, making problems up. Spend much time on this wall and you'd be a beast... as it happens I can barely hang on most of the holds!

The conclusion is that although I'm a bit heavier, a bit weaker and generally a bit shitter, I've not regressed that far that it won't take a few weeks of concerted effort to get back to where I was.