Winter Hill run run run

Well, Saturday saw a revisit on the Winter Hill run. This time instead of doing the road rotue up to coal pit road it was the Lanky version from Brownstones to the mast and back.
I got me hair cut and then headed over to Brownstones. G was late leaving work, and held on in spite of getting there earlier than me, and we started up the hill. After a few minutes I picked up a stitch. The pace started off well, but when I gained the stitch I might as well have stopped. Which I did.
After much pain, and run-walk-running we reached the mast after about 27 minutes.
I dare say I slowed the pace considerably.
Anyway, The way down was the same as my last Winter hill run, which was done in 23 minutes. This time however we shaved 2 minutes off, doing it in just over 21 minutes. The pace downhill was good on the road, but I still think it could have been done faster as the stitch was still giving me grief.
Pleased with 48 mins up and down though, I'd say it was still quicker than last week, in spite of the shorter run.

Having done a bit of research on stitches, it seems it is stress on the ligaments between the diaphragm and the liver, exacerbated by fast breathing whilst running. So the trick is to regulate breathing at the start of the run to stop it annoying the liver...