weekend shenanigans.

Well this weekend I've been on the pork life a bit more than is reccomended. I met Stephen for a drink after work on Friday which ended up being a 3am session, then a leaving barbecue for Ju who is shortly off to Australia meant virtually all of yesterday was spent eating and drinking too.
Today I was feeling pretty unhealthy, so I decided to change things. I've been meaning to go running for a bit as this is pretty much the only cardio exercise I am capable of doing until the hand heals.
A trip to a sports shop was in order. When I arrived I was met with a gleaming wall full of running shoes of all shapes and sizes. After furtively rummaging for a few minutes to find a pair of a suitable size I picked out two of the whitest trainers money can buy. I proudly presented these to the till and bought them.
With the first step over, I needed a route.
G had suggested a run from Brownstones over to the mast on Winter Hill as a nice one to do, so after a brief look at the OS map the decision was made.
I arrived at Brownstones at a quarter past 6 and parked up. I started running along Colliers row and then turned left along coal pit road. Then my pace plummetted. From here on in it was pretty much uphill all the way to the mast. This isn't so bad on tarmac, but on the path it's pretty tough going!
After much run-rest-running (including a detour to an intriguing derelict building) I finally got to the mast. this took a little over half an hour., about 38 minutes or so. After a five minute rest I set off back and as it was downhill all of the way, I shaved 13 minutes off on the way back.
I've just measured how far it was on the OS map and surprisingly it was around 10k, there or thereabouts.
Bearing in mind I haven't been running for probably about 2 years I'm pretty pleased to be honest. It hurt on the way up, but it was a joy on the downhill, once I'd found my pace.
For any geeks that may be reading this, here are the stats
distance: 10000m
ascent: 181m
time: 1 hr 3 minutes