Think like Linford, run like Linford...

Well today I wanted to get out running as it has been a few days since I've been out...running.
The last run was a bit far, so I picked an 8k route around Turton and Entwistle reservoir. I got to Cadshaw at about 5:50 and started running at 6 sharp. At first, the run was good, ran past the quarries, round the bend and down to the river. Then kept on the path round the reservoir.
Really flat.
Then on the return, I got a stitch about two thirds of the way round. By about three quarters of the way round I'd managed to run through it, and eventually I got round to the hill. In spite of really wanting to stop and walk, I pushed through and didn't.
The final hill isn't actually too bad and it eventually relents.
The final section is just a flat plod, fairly pleasant.

I've come to the realisation that I hate running, when I'm running.
But afterwards, I feel great.
It feels like punishment, but strangely satisfying.

anyway, todays stats are as follows:

Distance: 8000m
Time: Just under 44 mins
Ascent: 130m
Weight: 74.5kg
speed: 10.9kmph (although I'm sure I've worked that out wrong...)

EDIT: Forgot to mention the awesome electric storm that started just as I was leaving Cadshaw, I've never seen horizontal lightning before, seemed to be tracking between the clouds which was quite cool.


  1. No, you've worked it out right.
    I only managed 10.84kmh, so I'd better get training.

  2. I don't think I could go much faster, I was destroyed by the end!


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