Splitting wound

So it's been a week since slicing my hand up like it ain't no thing.
Tonight I saw Dr. Sister in law who said she'd take my stitches out for me. The hospital said to only leave them in for a week, but to be on the safe side, she took the first stitch out to see how it would fare.
Although the wound is healing nicely, because of where it is, as the evening wore on, the wound started splitting from where the stitch had been taken out.
Not happy.
If it's this delicate just on one stitch removal doing normal things like using a knife and fork, how long is it going to be before I can properly crank down on it??
I opted to leave the other stitches in, and monitor it.
If they start to scab over or get embedded I'll remove them myself as fit, but I might as well leave them in for the time being as they seem to be the only thing holding my hand together.
It could be a good few weeks before I can climb properly.

I'm almost glad it's raining...