Well it's been 3 days and the scar is starting to fuse nicely. Looking at the scar, I'm not too hopeful on projections for healing. 3 weeks at least, possibly longer.

I walked home last night from work as I'm not too safe changing gear with one hand. It took me 1 hour 45, I was quite surprised it took so long, but it was a pleasant walk in any case north of Westhoughton. I hadn't realised what nice countryside there is there. You really get a sense of place when walking that you don't when driving, I should do more of it.
Apart from this, I've decided to start back on the core work and also keep the right arm as strong as possible with weights. Not much more I can do really, except running.
erm, yeah. maybe.


  1. Seeing where that is, you are very very lucky not to knacker something very important!!
    If you want to go running very slowly, feel free to join me on a red faced lung burning jog!


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