Jumbles short run

Tonight I went over to Jumbles reservoir to check out the run. On the way, it pissed it down, and it was looking unlikely, so I popped into my brother in laws so he could help me refit my laptop screen, plus reload CS4 which has been playing silly buggers.
Once I'd done that, it was still raining, but less so than earlier. Still, I opted for a short run...
I headed down to Jumbles and started out. The run starts out pretty flat on the start of the way round, the route is easy to find, and the path is pretty good.
The puddles were rife though, and there was much jumping in/around and through them. I got into a rhythm and was enjoying the run.
Once it drops back down into the valley, the uphill steps/slope are an absolute killer. really sapping. Anyway, I managed to get round in about 18 minutes 20. Not bad, although it was a very short run. managed to average 11.2 kmph, so I'm really pleased with that.
Here are the stats:

Distance: 3.4 Km
Ascent: 80m
Time: 18:20 mins
speed: 11.2 kmph


  1. Which way did you go? According to my calculations the obvious circumnavigation is 2.7km with 50m ascent.
    Have to give it a go sometime, once Winter Hill and Cadshaw are conquered!

  2. http://www.runmyroute.com/UserRoutes/Details/2155



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