greasy rain and walkabout mats...

This week just gone I have been down to Brownstones 3 times, primarily to try the pond traverse, various success. I can now get from the start right over to the rock-up move to the big hole about 2m from the end of the tricky wall by the pond. This is one problem just to keep on at. It'll get done one day...

Today I was planning a trip after the luftwaffe picked up our European friends. Brownstones it was again, and as soon as I got there it started to rain, quite heavily. Not deterred, I waited about and it did get better. I spoke to a guy who was leaving and he said it had been on and off. I tried the pond traverse and slipped off, twinging my left wrist, but managed on one occasion to get to the point I'd got to the other day.
Then GCW+troops came along. Briefly had a look at the mantelstrug dyno, which in true Lanky style is a SANDBAG. Then it started raining again, so it was time to de-camp up to the top end to look at Pigswill. As it was pretty wet, I opted to leave my mat by the pond, then pick it up on the way out.
G gave me the beta on groundhog, which looks nails, and then we went up to the nexus area. Pigswill was sopping, so nexus wall it was. As we were to be doing a bit of climbing, I went back to pick my mat up from the pond area, but it was missing. I had a scout round and couldn't see it anywhere, even went back to the road but no sign. I was fuming as I thought it had been nicked, but it appears that someone came and took the mat thinking it had been lost. I'll be picking it up this week. I'm just glad it hasn't gone missing.
Anyway, G then showed me some eliminates on the nexus wall, pretty good actually and would make a nice warm up if it rains. I had go at the low nexus traverse 6b, doing both halves separately and then it started raining. One to go back for.
All in all, not a bad session, at least got something done.
This week I should be out in the mornings and Tuesday and Friday, weathere permitting of course.