another Cadshaw pb, woo!

Well tonight I took out the last four of my stitches. Now it hurts, I think I've annoyed the nerves. It's also fairly itchy, but at least it doesn't look so grim as it did before.
I can see new skin in the wound, although it's still very tender and will still take a few weeks.
Anyway, for the time being running will have to do. The latest escapade was Cadshaw again. G-man wasn't free, then he was free so I met him at the layby at half five.
We started out and in a change from previous runs took it very easy on the initial downhill to avoid the dreaded stitch. We went round the reservoir in the same direction as before and on the way back G-man took a lead, with his quicker pace.
took it easy on the hill again, then increased the pace near the end - I finished in 40:29, nearly 30 seconds off my last effort, so I am really pleased.
G also took time off, but a bit disappointed not to get under 40 mins. To do it in that time would probably be possible actually...
time to get fit.