Widdop - fear of success

Planned to meet G-man over at Widdop, which is now feasible being near to the longest day of the year. I got there about 6, and headed straight up to the crag. Warmed up on a few of the easy problems, then GCW arrived.
G showed me a problem I didn't even know was there, Grumpy Old Men. He despatched it without too much trouble. The hard move comes at the beginning with a long slap up right to an arete, then a change of feet, then up to the finishing holds. At first it felt hard, I couldn't hold the arete and kept falling off. After a few goes though I could hold it for a fraction. On my best effort I managed to change ffeet and slap up to the finishing hold only to fall off. Bugger.
On taht occasion though, it felt really good and I reckon this will be done next time. I just need some new skin, because mine is thoroughly trashed now.
Then we went over to the main boulders where G was trying various things, and crushed splashdown like it ain't no thing.
I was nailing the first move ok, then it's just the floaty typey move to the break. Again, with crap skin, it was pretty offputting, but I'll get it done next time, this felt quite a lot easier than G.O.M., maybe as it suits me a bit more.
Then had a quick look at the Pickpocket left hand, but I think I'll give this one a miss as it looks heinous on the tendons and as I've got a pretty weak left index it wouldn't be good.
Just to add to the carnage I split another 2 tips on trying to do red edge right one-handed, and the midges then descended.
Time to leave. All in all, a crap session in terms of completion, but progress made on both GOM and Splashdown. I need to get there soon to finish these off...