Stronstrey session

TOnight I was supposed to be going to Cadshaw a-roping, but in the event Banksy was unavailable. GCW was keen to get out and I've not been up to Stronstrey in ages, so it was set, G gave me the tour of another hole in Lancashire. Got there about 6 after the twat-nav sent me the wrong way, parked up and walked in. Cricket match was just starting so parked a bit further down, there's plenty of parking though.
I've only ever lead routes here, apart from one brief bouldering trip, and I must say I was impressed with the quality of the problems.
We started on Spanners, GCWs traverse on the right hand wall of the quarry. G flashed it and I managed to do it on my second go I think, I've done a lot of similar traversing recently so I felt quite strong on it. I reckon 6a or 6a+ is fair, nice moves. I failed many times on Tony Bland, although I was tickling the hold, and I couldn't do the mantle either. Dab man did both of them without too much trouble.
Then G crushed cackhanded Compliment but I couldn't make the span to the crack. This is a quality problem though, and I think I'll add it to the list, the moves feel really satisfying and it's the grade I should be looking at.
Then I managed to get up Escaping Jam first time which didn't feel too hard, although G was having trouble. Think his lank didn't help.
Handle block next, I dispatched Lovehandle 4+ first go. I couldn't get the hang of Phat Haendel though, the reach to the pinch felt desparate, and the rock was pretty hot too so conditions not too great. I gave that up as a bad job and we moved round to the wurzealous area.
Skin was playing up by this time so Wurz to come 5+ didn't come as easily as it should have, satisfying move though once you get the good hold. Lanky was trying various problems but it was quite sweaty by this point, so he broke out the beers and we admired the view as we drank them. Nice one G!
I managed to get a bit of footage but I dare say it'll be the weekend before I get it edited.
I was going to head out somewhere tomorrow, but I've been out every day this week and I'm looking to get out on Saturday morning, think I'll give it a rest.